Case Studies

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Enhanced Cross-training Helps Retain Employees

Ajinomoto introduced new mobile technology to improve cross-training and upskilling programs. The results are employee engagement, retention, and the end of shortcuts being passed through tribal knowledge.

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Keurig Dr Pepper Reduces Incidents by 30%

Keurig Dr Pepper, a specialty coffee and tea producer, used Intertek Alchemy’s programs to achieve a 30% reduction in safety incidents and 24/7 audit readiness.

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Kisko Increases Production Efficiency by 30%

Kisko, the largest Canadian manufacturer of freeze pops, partnered with Intertek Alchemy to reduce training time and increase production efficiency.

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Bonduelle Goes 6 Years with No Lost Time Incidents

Bonduelle Group, a producer of canned, fresh, frozen, and prepared foods, saw no lost time incidents for 6 years while increasing frontline skillsets and product quality with Intertek Alchemy.

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TruFood Experiences 80% Reduction in Accidents

Intertek Alchemy programs helped TruFood, a producer of energy bars, reduce accidents, lower employee turnover, address skill gaps, and fill specialized positions.

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Alchemy Consulting Keeps GSB Compliant & Competitive

GSB was on the brink of losing customers without top-tier GFSI certification. Alchemy ConsultingTM updated their HACCP plans, provided facility changes, & was onsite during the highly successful audit.

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Maple Leaf Foods Builds Strong, Cohesive Culture Across 21 Plants

Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s leading packaged meats company, worked with Intertek Alchemy to implement company-specific programs to build a strong food safety culture.

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Vanee Foods Strengthens Food Safety with Intertek Alchemy

Vanee Foods, a private label manufacturer for food service distributors, experienced zero food safety incidents and achieved a 36% reduction in customer complaints.

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Rudolph Sustains 24/7 Audit Readiness with Intertek Alchemy

Rudolph Foods utilizes Intertek Alchemy programs to build a more engaged, motivated frontline workforce while simplifying and streamlining back office processes and reporting.

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Implementing an Award-winning Employee Development Program

Lifestyle Bakery had common challenges: intermittent and inconsistent training, glossed over by English and non-native speakers. See how they turned it around, resulting in greater operational efficiency.